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Wines & Vines On Direct Shipping

Wines & Vines publishes but does not put online an extensive survey of direct shipping. Subscribe here.

Fortunately, the Napa Valley Register has an article about the survery:

In the 12 months ending in March, (Napa County) shipped 760,000 cases valued at $481 million. The next closest region was Sonoma County with 581,000 cases worth $258 million.

The average price of a Napa bottle shipped directly to consumers was  $52.69, followed by Sonoma at $36.99 per bottle.

Cabernet sauvignon was the most popular Napa varietal at 415,846 cases, followed by pinot noir at 334,599 cases.

Of the 2.6 million cases shipped nationwide, almost 70% came from wineries producing between 5,000 and 50,000 cases.

“Most small wineries have a hard time finding a distributor,” said Gladys Horiuchi, manager of communications at the Wine Institute in San Francisco. “And there is no way they could carry all the brands that are out there.”

Direct shipping is only 1 percent of wine sales nationwide, but that 1 percent is vital source of revenue for small wineries, Horiuchi said.

What this is really about, of course, is HR 5034, a bill in Congress that won’t accomplish much of anything no matter what those on both sides of the argument say. Still, in a world of misinformation, it’s nice to have some hard data.