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Snootypants in the Future

A farmer in Saskatchewan experiments with feeding red wine to cattle.

The Angus cows are each fed a litre of Okanagan red wine (granted, nothing our wine writer Anthony Gismondi would drink) every day. It’s mixed into the feed but some like to drink the wine straight up.

Says one chef of the resulting beef:

There couldn’t be anything cooler. It already comes pre-marinated.

I foresee a time when high-end beef producers differentiate based on the quality of wine they feed their cattle.

I used to buy beef finished with Zin from the Sierra Foothills. Lately, I’m going with Angus beef finished with Cabernet from the Stag’s Leap district. It’s got a softer mouthfeel and eliminates the need for aging.

Shortly thereafter, the world will come to an end.

Via Dr. Vino.

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