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Let Us Raise a Monument to Dr. Aditya Mattoo

A physician who has earned the nickname “Dr. Buzzkill” for advising his patients “don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t do drugs, don’t eat fatty foods, exercise more, and lose weight” takes a hard look at the data on moderate alcohol consumption and concludes:

Although detractors often complain that the data is largely based on patients answering questionnaires reliably, the literature has reproduced the benefits of light alcohol consumption time and time again.  Furthermore, there is an undeniable paucity of studies that demonstrate light drinking is harmful.  Armed with this, Dr. Buzzkill would probably advise patients to have a glass of wine nightly with dinner.  Maybe now my patients will start calling me Dr. Feelgood.

Not for one glass, no. If you’d go to two, we’ll call you whatever you like.