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Meat Loaf With Three Parts Meat and One Part Kitty Litter

Dr. Vino likes to suggest foods that make wine pairing difficult. He has recently challenged his readers to match wines with guacamole, sauerkraut and Lady Gaga.

In the spirit of good fun, I’d like to reverse the exercise. So: I’ll suggest a wine and my readers — let’s be honest about this — my reader can suggest a food to go with it. I suggest: Jalapeño Wine.

A sip of Christopher Boyd’s award-winning  jalapeño wine won’t burn your eyes or tongue. However, Boyd says the warmth remains in your mouth and throat for more than 10 minutes.

Talk about a long finish…


  • Wine Curmudgeon

    Pick a hard one, pal. Chicken fried. And don’t be so hard on yourself. I’m sure Wally has a thought.

  • Thomas Pellechia

    Riesling goes with Jalapeno wine–because Riesling goes with everything…

  • Wally

    I did have a thought once but like GWB I ignored it, it went away and I could get back to concentrating on gut feeling and knee-jerk reaction.
    To provide a counterpoint to the heat, I recommend Lutheran-church-basement-social jello salad topped with cool whip or if the wine is a particularly potent vintage, fire retardant foam.

  • Tom Johnson

    First of all, I think “chicken fried” is an adjective in need of a noun. So: Chicken fried what? Steak? Chicken? Armadillo?

    For the record, several of my Texas friends have taken me out for “the best chicken-fried steak in Texas,” and I still do not grasp why anyone would do that to even a crummy piece of beef. Every time I say this, another Texan offers to take me out to the place that will change my mind, and I go because I like it when people buy me food, but remain unconvinced. So, Curmudgeon: You buying?

    Thomas and Wally: You guys are funny. I like funny.

  • Thomas Pellechia

    Yeah, yeah; as if brown-nosing two codgers will get you anywhere.

  • Wine Curmudgeon

    Chicken fried needs no noun. All civilized people know that. And I recommend the chicken fried cowboy style at Matt’s Rancho Martinez in Dallas’ Lakewood neighborhood. It is topped with chili, cheese and onions and comes with rice and beans. It will keep you up all night, but it’s worth it.

  • Wally

    I think I would like to drink wine with you guys, which I definitely couldn’t say about many of the regulars at F/A. I’m not sure about hanging with Pursuit but based on his pictures of food I could put up with a whole lot of NeoCon just to get a shot at eating some of that stuff.
    So, lets meet at Tom’s and drink his wine. Waddya say?
    “It is topped with chili, cheese and onions and comes with rice and beans”
    WC, you’re saying it takes a whole ‘nother meal to make chicken fried taste good?

  • Thomas Pellechia

    Keep you up all night!

    The only times I’ve ever been interested in that possibility has had little to do with food.


    I’d say lets’ drink Tom’s wine, but does he have any taste? Just asking…

    Maybe we should have something stashed in the car, just in case.