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Open That Bottle Night on Palate Press

Ousted from The Wall Street Journal, Dottie and John will host Open That Bottle Night on Palate Press. That’s a big coup for publisher David Honig and his crew.

OTBN is February 26, and I, personally, will open a bottle of Tablas Creek Esprit de Beaucastel that my wife and I bought years ago while touring Paso Robles. It’s the last bottle we have from that trip, and we’ve been holding onto it for a few years waiting for just the right moment.

This year, we think just the right moment will be sitting on a dock overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway in Florida.


  • David Honig

    Good for you, and thanks for the shout out. Where on the intercoastal will you be? I’m down in Merritt Island right now.

    Oh, and check your email.


  • Dottie Gaiter and John Brecher

    That sounds great! As you might know, we spent many a night on the Intracoastal in Florida and we’re big fans of Tablas Creek, so….sigh. You should be sure to get in touch when we’re live on OTBN!

  • Wally

    Dottie and John. Back just in time for the world’s cutsiest manufactured holiday. It seems so, well, appropriate. ???????……….???

  • Wally

    Rats. Your blog wouldn’t take cute hearts emoji.

  • Tom Johnson

    Wally, you grumpy Gus, OTBN is a great thing. We’ve all got bottles dying slowly in our basements that lack only an excuse. They’re not all great wine, but they were created to be consumed. This gives those of us who aren’t as coldly rational as you are an excuse to make an event out of a bottle.

    You got a problem with that?

  • Steve

    That’s great news. I’ve been missing OTBN. Unlike you, Tom, I will be suffering through what remains of this godforsaken Ohio winter drinking something that tasted better where we picked it up. Enjoy!

  • Wally