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Will Someone Please Discover Paso Robles?

USA Today today features an article Paso Robles: It’s the Unidiscovered Wine Country. Before that article was even published, Travel Writer’s Magazine disputed the premise with a headline: PASO ROBLES JOURNAL: An Undiscovered Town in California? Not Really, But ‘Paso’ Comes Close. Destination Paso Robles, a tourism promotion group, promised even before that Paso Robles Won’t Stay Undiscovered for Long. In fact, as far back as 2005 the Austin Chronicle pronounced Paso only “relatively undiscovered” — which seems to me about as possible as being a little bit pregnant.

There are people who have discovered that undiscovery runs deep into Paso Robles’ culture and economy. Steve Fortunato uncovers Roussanne,  An Undsicovered Wine Gem From Paso, a full year before “Chief Winemaster” James Melendez writes Roussanne the Undiscovered Varietal from the Undiscovered Wine Country. Interestingly, a bike touring company called Undiscovered Country will help you discover Paso Robles if you so desire, and if you look hard you may uncover, according to the North Bay Nugget, California’s Undiscovered Treasure: Paso Robles.

But you’d better hurry. Someone’s sure to discover Paso Robles soon.