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Wine Scores and Seasonal Affective Disorder

The invaluable Dr. Vino rounds-up evidence that score inflation is causing wine drinkers to become jaded, making 90-point wines as unattractive in the market as 88-point wines used to be. He cites this bit of marvelous sarcasm from wine merchant Daniel Posner:

Every time I turn around, another 2007 Barolo is getting 96 points or higher. Sales sheets have been coming my way with loads of offerings and the points are nearly always the same. 96 points…96 points…97 points, and then, perish the thought, they try to sell me a 94 pointer! I mean really. Who is buying 94 point wine these days? 94 points is for chumps…losers…people that don’t really love Barolo. Because if you love Barolo, you are buying 96 points and up…

Leave the 94 pointers for the people that like Napa Cabs…

I, personally, am totally on-board both with the considerable evidence that wine scores are floating upwards. I also believe that people with more money than sense use their dedication to highly rated wines as a substitute for the actual enjoyment of wine for its own sake.

Partly because of that, and partly because we are in the nearly hopeless time of year between Christmas and the opening of spring training, I am formulating my “Theory of All Things Picky.” The theory, not fully developed but regularly expressed over drinks with anyone unfortunate enough to make eye contact with me, is thus:

Everything is getting too complicated. Not every human activity requires connoisseurship. Just shut up and drink your freakin’ wine already.

Only I don’t actually say “freakin’”.