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Innovation or Personal Challenge?

Designer Christopher Yamane has created what he calls an “unspillable” wine glass which, while clever, is “unspillable” only in the sense that a gentle tap will cause it to roll only 45 degrees before it is caught by its protective glass ring.

For those of us who spill wine rather more grandly than that — while gesticulating wildly at the dinner table, for example, and splatting wine over a roughly six-foot-by-six-foot  area — the glass seems like it would be ineffective.

Still, you can buy four of them here for $150.


  • 1WineDude

    Another option – buy a cheap tumbler glass and wrap large rubber bands around it to create a ring at the same place. This also has the added benefit of likely making the tumbler explode rather dramatically! :)

  • Tom Johnson

    First of all, there’s not much I like better than explosions. I used to make military documentaries that were nothing but brief historic introductions followed by lots of footage of stuff blowing up. My favorite was the detonation of 44 million pounds of TNT in preparation for the first atomic bomb test. The official justification was that scientists wanted to make sure a really, really big explosion wouldn’t split the Earth in half or anything. But I know the truth: they just liked explosions, too. They filmed the blast using 22 different cameras, and with creative editing we made it seem like the explosion lasted for 15 minutes.

    Second, I find that the best way to avoid spilling wine is to drink bourbon. That is, however, an ineffective way to avoid spilling bourbon.

  • Thomas Pellechia

    What is this fixation on not spilling wine. I have many shirts that will back me up when I say–it’s fun, and colorful, to spill wine!

  • Pursuit

    Stemless wine ware is an evil that must be destroyed. Yet another symptom of the knuckle dragging rabble taking over the world.