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The Baby Boomers, Explained

If I were a different kind of wine blogger, I would ask for the perfect food/wine pairing for this meal.

But since I’m not a different kind of wine blogger, I will simply note that a whole generation grew up on crap like this and they’re the same population cohort that makes up the spine of the Tea Party.

My theory: the bilious anger caused by being served a dinner of Spam and lima beans on a Formica tabletop by parents who smoked at the dinner table has never quite dissipated, and they’re going to make damned sure you don’t enjoy your arugula.

Source: Mitch O’Connell.


  • California cab fan

    Why are liberals so angry?

  • Tom Johnson

    Well, I can’t speak for all liberals, but I’m pissed as hell because the new roof I put on my house three years ago leaked in last night’s rain storm.

  • Thomas Pellechia

    I can speak for all liberals–I can speak for all conservatives–I can speak for all.

    Why not? Most of what anyone says doesn’t get through to America’s mass ignorance and the tendency of its population to consistently vote against its own interest.

    Wait a minute: now I am angry…and I’m not even a party member.

    Tonight’s dinner will be spam with lima beans in the company of a Blue Nun, who drinks like a Fish Eye.

  • Pursuit

    I’m not sure cuz it was hard to keep up, but I think Obama promised you a new roof in last nights SOTU grab bag