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I Took French in High School, and Dammit I’m Going to Use It

A Canadian study indicates that people pay more for wine with difficult-to-pronounce names. As reported in the New York Post:

Three groups of between 41 to 48 participants were asked to rate the same Niagara Chardonnay. The first group was told the wine came from a fictional winery called Titakis; the second group was told it came from an even more disfluently named winery named Tselepou, and the third served as a control group which was given no name.

The most highly valued wine turned out to be the hardest-to-pronounce, as Tselepou was valued at $16 a bottle in the blind tastings.

According to my estimates, “Tselepou” is pronounced “to sell a poo,” which I would not buy at any price.

The average increase in value of a difficult-to-pronounce wine is $2. Difficult-to-pronounce cheese also seemed to be valued more highly.

I suspect this is why my blog is unsuccessful. “Tom Johnson” is too easy to pronounce. Yeah, that’s it.